About Us

At Sunrise Mountain Soap, our goal is to make our all natural soap with the best available ingredients possible. Our high quality luxurious bar of soap is something everyone should experience. We accomplish this with:


100% pure essential oils.

Our careful sourcing and examination allow us to guarantee the purity of our soap. Every batch of soap is tested for an accurate ph balance. Only pure, natural essential oils deliver true aromatherapy benefits, and we refuse to use anything less.

A pure-as-can-be ingredient standard for personal care products.

We use the most natural ingredients available in our personal care products--organic whenever possible--and never use synthetic-derived ingredients. At Sunrise Mountain Soap we never use animal fats. Our soap is 100% vegetable based

Full ingredient disclosure.

Every ingredient used in each Sunrise Mountain Soap product is listed in order of its quantity in the ingredients. You will never see unclear terms in our ingredient lists. We want our customers to know exactly what they are getting when they purchase our products.

Environment-friendly policies.

We select ingredients that are non-toxic and create no harm to the environment.